Grad game strong (Us) part 2: Out

After nailing the post-school interview and landing the dream job, eventually (in my case, a while later (hence the year long gap between posts) you’ll need to celebrate with your baby/friends/family. For this occasion, we’re going to explore some options for a night out (because no one really does a celebratory lunch anymore) that’ll help […]

Grad game strong (Us) part 1: Interview

So with so many of us (cue cheers and applause) now graduating, we’re in the midst of a season of parties, mayhem and general celebration. Whether going to nail an interview, a celebratory drink, or full-on grad party, now’s the time to let everyone in your life know that through all the studying and invitation […]


Yeah yeah I know, it’s been awhile. Life will do that to a boy wonder. But fortunately, I’m back with a bang baby! For the summer I figured I’d start things off with a remarkably affordable set of outfits for both us gents and you ladies. And the best part? Each outfit will be under […]

Exclamation point

With the fall season wrapping up and winter right around the corner, we’re firmly in the middle of creative layering. Even though the grays and darker colors of the colder seasons are wonderful staples, why not break it up a bit with some brighter accents? Why should all of those bangin’ spring/summer pieces go to […]

Young scholar

With the fall season upon us, it’s finally time to break out the heavier weights. Layers should be year round (if you know how) so there’s nothing new there. But notice that the material will begin to be heavier as we get colder. If you’re like me and in school (can’t believe we’re already in […]

High class, Just surrounded by these lowlifes…(le femme ├ędition)

You know I wouldn’t leave you ladies out! With school starting, you’re going to need to really start shopping hard. Books, Uniforms, and best of all…Fashion! Let me point you in the right direction with a wonderful ensemble to start the semester off with a bang. When I said jump into the new semester I […]

High class, Just surrounded by these lowlifes…

Hi kids! School starts soon (for those of you who haven’t started already) and it’s time to make this year the most fashionable yet! I’m gonna start off with a transitional post to ease you guys into the new semester while retaining the summery-fun sentiment you’re leaving behind. To jump into fall which is right […]

Solid State Society (US)

*Cue Beenie Man voice* I know it’s been awhile but baby never mind! The cool kid is back and this time, I’m dressing us fellas for the ENTIRE WEEK! We’ve got a lot to cover so get ready! By the way, each day we’ll still adhere to the solid state society theme (check out what […]

Solid state society (them).

With spring right around the corner, I’m going to let you ladies in on a little secret… COLOR! Solids to be specific. I’m talking a nice pattern perfectly paired with a solid bright color.For example, perhaps the top is patterned and the bottom is solid or vice versa. Either way, solid colors make a huge […]

Color Coded

With spring right around the corner (and sprint temps surprisingly already upon us for the past few days here in chicago), it’s time for us to jump head first back into the brighter hues! Yay! This time, we’re going to make the transition with one of the most essential pieces of either sex’s wardrobe: The […]